Dentist Minden Practice Values

At Minden Dental Clinic, our team practices family dentistry based on a set of core values, which provide a foundation for your dental health care:


Compassion/Caring - We want you to be healthy, and we want you to feel good about your visit.  We understand that dental care can often be worrisome for families, so we spend extra time and care to make sure you are comfortable with your procedures and your full treatment plan.


Integrity/Sincerity - Our goal is to bring you to optimal dental health.  After examination, our doctors and hygienists will discuss treatment plans with you and select the option that best fits your needs medically and financially.


Pursuit of Perfection - Our team will work tirelessly to ensure your treatment meets top standards and that you are happy with the end result of your procedure.


Desire of Knowledge - Our entire team is constantly attending continuing education courses to hone their skills in existing procedures and to learn more about cutting edge dental technology that can benefit our patients in the future.